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The curious case of Wali Khan Babar

The curious case of Wali Khan Babar

On 1st March, an anti-terrorism court in Kandhkot announced death sentence for the proclaimed offenders Kamran alias Zeeshan and Faisal Mota in Wali Khan Babar case. Faisal Mehmood alias Nafsiyati (MQM), Shahrukh alias Mani (MQM) and Muhammad Ali Rizvi were given life imprisonment.

The private investigation reports of six premier intelligence agencies of Pakistan including ISI, IB, CID, Pakistan Rangers and police have confirmed that Faisal Mehmood alias Nafsiyati, Shah Rukh alias Mani and Muhammad Ali Rizvi belonged to the dominant political party of Karachi, MQM.

Wali Khan Babar, a private television journalist, was killed in Liaquatabad No. 1 near the Apwa school Karachi on 13 January 2011, while he was going back home from office.

The court has announced the decision after a long period of four years. According to media outlets, all the five eyewitnesses in the case were murdered by the assailants.

The very interesting point to note here is that the case lawyer, Salman Mujahid, who was convicts’ counsel, is also MQM’s sitting National Assembly member.

Despite the revelation that the convicts belonged to MQM, the party has denied all such reports saying that these are only allegations and some people want to destroy the party’s image.

The government of Sindh has announced bounty for giving information about the fugitive criminals Kamran alias Zeeshan and Faisal Mota who are fugitive criminals.

This judgment is a welcome move by the authorities for the protection of journalists in Pakistan and rigorous efforts are still required to bring the fugitives as well as the mastermind to trial. The decision is also a very constructive step towards eradication of the culture of impunity in the country.

The case is also a big question mark over the character of the dominant political party of Karachi who is believed to have funded the case in favor of the convicts.

If the leaders will favor the criminals, then what role will they play in welfare of Pakistan?

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