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The PCB Dilemma

The PCB Dilemma

Pakistan cricket Board remained the centre of media’s attention due to some sudden moves by the Patron in Chief of the cricket watchdog, Mian Nawaz Sharif. The Chairman Zaka Ashraf was replaced with the none other than Najam Sethi.

The decision was criticised by and large, nationally as well as international level. The apparent reason to sack Ashraf was his failure to represent Pakistan’s stance well at ICC platform. However, it is appalling to note here that PCB’s sacked Chief tried his best to hold a meeting with the Patron in Chief pertaining to ICC structural reforms but Nawaz did not pay attention.

Pakistan’s cricket board is subject to intense political intervention since the last few years. Najam Sethi’s tenure as the acting Chairman remains controversial since he is stranger to the game of crickets and majority of the ex-cricketers dub him among the favorites’ of the ruling government.

The Big three affair is still not over and the governing cricket body will have to take some major decisions in the matter at end of this month. It will be interesting to see, how the newly appointed chairman handles the situation.

Cricket remains the lonely source of entertainment for the terror struck people of Pakistan. It continues to prosper in the streets and mohallas of far flung villages of the country, however, at official level it continues to get stultified every other month. Off the field controversies have frequently affected our team’s performance on it.

Therefore, it is time that PCB and the concerning authorities join hands in providing stability and calm at the top or else, we may lose the only unifying component in an already disintegrated country.

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