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The Real Victims of Propaganda

The Real Victims of Propaganda

It is given to understand that Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist anymore and it is on the run if it exists at all.People in the United States and in the states where American influence works significantly, believe that after the death of Osama Bin Laden, it’s not easy to underrate the American president Barak Obama. Since the greatest gift to the American public was Obama’s achievement of bringing a dead body from Pakistan and burying it in the deep waters overseas.

What about Yemen now?  What about Zawahiri? What about the evolution about Obama’s idea of Islamic revolution by Zawahiri?

The globally evolved war-fronts provided the ground to Al-Qaeda fighters to be independent and for this was a great help of internet. The old ideas turned into new ideas without the presence of Osama Bin Laden.

With obliterating traces of American faulty strategy, now American government has started to realize that working on Pakistani tribal belt and in the belt between north Africa and the middle east which is called Yemen would be more effective and more beneficial, yet another mistake.

Mistake after mistakes and learning no lessons are a couple of gifts of Al-Qaeda which help it thrive worldwide.

The drone philosophy is creating new enemies for America and for its allies whereas   it brings fresh blood and new allies to Al-Qaeda every day.

Both Al-Qaeda and America have been spreading fear and hope which would certainly raise our level of anxiety and ultimately we will be the main consumers or the victim of this propaganda.

Do we really deserve it?

No, not at all!

Let’s have a wishful thinking that the American government will learn some lessons which will help American people all over the world.

About Siraj Khawaja

Siraj Khawaja
My Philosophy: The mind is a superior phenomenon that is marked by the capacity to perform intellectual functions. The ability to reason logically, is the fundamental basis for the notion that, “Anything is possible, as long as you put your mind to it."


  1. Hey
    Dude America is just fulfilling its dream of sustaining the position of Uni super Power of the world, and to attract all the natural resources towards it. In order to do that its destabilizing the only race which can over through the great American dream. If united muslims can revive the lost history.

    A history where science and logic derived from the religion and implemented in a common good for the society…

  2. its the reality which is depicted in blog …..great work Siraj… :-)

  3. Nice job Siraj,
    I am highly inspired by your work. Keep it up dear.

  4. Nicely written and great observation as well, well done siraj you raised and pointed out quiet deepest problems of today’s world

  5. The real terrorist is american governmen and there stupid unethical , devlish policies.

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