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Tony Grieg – best cricketing voice ever

Tony Grieg – best cricketing voice ever

Commentary has an astounding relationship with the game of cricket. Since the introduction of cricket, great commentators have played a phenomenal role in bringing cricket in our lives and TV rooms. Due to their energy, passion and love for game; they are loathed and loved all over the world. Tony Grieg is undoubtedly among the top ones.

Tony Grieg; a much acquainted voice of cricket is now missing from the team of commentators since the last one year. Cricket is certainly not the same without him. Tony died last year due to lung cancer that got diagnosed too late and proved lethal.

Tony was brought up in South Africa, but he played cricket for England; embraced as a commentator in Australia, appreciated as a great player in India; and treasured in Sri Lanka for his never ending endorsement for the cricketers and the island.

H played as an all- rounder but had a short career; the major reason of his fame was his exceptional commentary. The apt and timely word usage, fluent speech and the best analysis of the game were some of him main qualities he was famous for. The significance of his cricket analysis can be analyzed from the fact that he was given the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture in 2012.

He was a very famous part of the Channel 9 commentary experts. This summer in Australia will never be the same without the Captain turned commentator. The pair of Greig and Bill Lawry was well-known all around the world for the Test commentary every year in Australia in summer season.

Some of his famous commentary lines include:

“What a biggie! It’s gone into the trees.”
During Sanath Jayasuriya’s fastest one-day fifty that was a world record.

“These Sri Lankans are giving the Aussies a real hiding.”
And this happed too in the 1996 World Cup final.

“Oh boy, doesn’t she look gorgeous?”
As the camera focuses on a pretty female spectator, Greig airs his view and triggers Bill Lawry to say something too.

“The little man has hit the big fella for six! He’s half his size!”
Tendulkar’s sixer to Tom Moody in the final of the same series pleases the commentator enormously.

“It’s miles in the air… it’s a wonderful catch! What a catch! The greatest catch! Unbelievable Steven Waugh.”

Greig at his excited best while seeing Steve Waugh take a running catch on the boundary wall.

Tony will be missed forever!

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