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Unheard Cries

Unheard Cries

My eyes opened daily wailing begins and every mourning is little bit more from the previous day. Actually when I opened my eyes in this world since then the process of screams begin. Only when I was little, than my desires was accepted but with the passage of time, the nature of cries changed as well. Then I felt that all society is shouting. Somewhere candidate yelling on teachers and somewhere columnist screaming in newspaper. Somewhere author is crying in some book and somewhere the intellectual is protesting on the roads. All screams … just because no one is listening.

In parliament houses, politicians do not hear the cries of the roads, why are not they silent? Why do not stop its persistent noise? Actually we have fallen into the pit of ignorance to which the only way out is that we become each other’s support and exit.If we are just screaming to each other for advice just for the sake of solution then the grief of ignorance behind the cries will not end. These cries will be similarly carry on and nobody will listen until we stop yelling. The grief of ignorance is so deep inside us in that we do not want to treat it.

Now the question is that what type of screaming in our country? Screaming is on “ignorance”. Ignorance have two types first is “Those who are ignorant of some truth through absolutely no fault of their own are in a state of invincible ignorance”. Second is “Those who are ignorant because through some fault of their own are referred to as having evincible ignorance”. These two types of ignorance are common in our country. Due to this fault our country is pushing towards the dark ages. In this country everyone tearing to each other on the basis of ignorance, what am I not peep at their collar and I give lesson to other what am I?

Now the question is how we can get rid from this reason? Everyone talks good but how we can do it in our practical life? When we will do this while all the nation and our country come out from the dark ages? Would Government help us? Has government made no law for us to get rid from ignorance? To get rid from ignorance we have to change our thinking. If our parochial perspective changes then the country would definitely progress.

Now the question is how the perspective will change, so the answer is very easy but it is very difficult to implement that-first of all, we have to change our thinking and change ourselves. We have to think positively. I think ignorance is so high in our country that its character is above all. Now Religious Institutes, Mosques, Universities and Colleges can’t entirely change the thought of people, until people do not want to change their own thought. Though all are not same, some learn wholly but others are a little bitten. Do we have something to lose for the good?

This country has turned 65 but it is not better than before.We must have to be disciplined, admit and learn from our faults. How the poor little Government will help us even when we the tiny folks are not willing to change ourselves. Even if the Government enacts a law, yet the people will think the same. Therefore, the grief of ignorance will remain unabated and we will always live the same way to prove the people wrong and bugs in others.

About Nouman Bari

Nouman is doing BS-PA from UMT.

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