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We were born to help each other; Muslim Unity

We were born to help each other; Muslim Unity

As we all know, Muslims are a much divided people. The existence of 57 Muslim nations instead of one bears witness to this unfortunate fact, and result can be seen, The Palestinian people. We find all the excuses in the world to create division amongst ourselves. We divide ourselves on according to race, sect, our pre-Islamic cultures, political opinions, ancestry and even on the imams we follow! Brothers and sisters, none of these excuses for separation are considered valid by Allah, and therefore we should not consider them valid either.

The Quranic reality and very Our Illusion

The Quran reminds us that, originally, humankind was one Ummah, but this unity was broken by various differences which the human beings created among themselves addresses

 “The people were but one nation, and then they differed. And had it not been for a previous command from your Lord, the matter would have been immediately judged between them for what they differed.”

We were born to help each other; yes UNITY is the ideology of Islam. Our beloved Prophet Hazart Muhammad S.A.W always emphasized on brotherhood and harmony.  When He migrated to Madina from Makhha he first made Ansars, the brothers of Muhajirs. He created a blanced harmony between two factions.

Palestine and all Muslims states are similar to them ansars and muhajirs, Palestine need us they are in trouble, they are bearing homelessness, fear, war, sorrow of losing their beloveds. They are Muslims they are we. They need our support, they need our help. Why we have lost our teachings? Why we are unable to recognizing our part that is badly injured.

Hazrat Muhammad S.W.A said that Muslim Ummah is like a human body, if one part gets wounded whole body will suffer, whole body will feel pain whole body try to remove pain, then why we are not together for Palestine? Why we are silent? Why Muslim leadership is only looking grieved, this is time of to act together, cant 57 Islamic states release one single state? Cant all Muslim communities defend against a single terrorist state?

Is non- muslims are more stronger than Muslim Ummah? Do Israelis are allowed to kill innocent Muslims? Why they are killing them and why Muslim states are silent?

The issue of Palestine should not be regarded as a local or regional (Arab) issue. Palestine is rather, related to the entire Muslim World and it should top the agenda of all Islamic media. It should be taken to United Nation Organization which claims, emergence of peace and calm around the world. Muslim governments must feel responsible for Palestinian resistance fighters, and the people of Palestine, and specially the average Palestinian man on his land who is valiantly living and fighting with unrelenting Zionist policies and pressures.

Duty of Islamic countries regarding Palestine comprises aid in every imaginable way; political aid, financial, international, and so on. This solution and proposition, we hope and pray is seriously considered by the high officials and the powerful of the world of Islam, and then decided on. In case the leaders put off a decision, then Muslim nations will understand that direct responsibility for this great endeavor rests on their courageous shoulders alone.

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