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Western cats are luckier than our children

Western cats are luckier than our children

Western cats are being cared by owners who have learned taking care of a cat by reading two or three books about life and needs of a cat while our children are born and we become parents without having the least information required for child nurture.

The children who are grown in societies with low literacy rate in families with more than three or four children, suffering from poverty mostly because of unaware parents, these children do not have the rights and facilities of a western cat.

Awareness of child nurture is one of the most important or maybe the most important responsibility of a person who wants get married and be a parent.

According to psychologists 80% of personality is developed in first 8 years of child life. Having knowledge of child requirements and its nature or habits can make all his life or destroy it, behaving children as it is necessary in this age can build a society or humanity or make problems for it.

An Iranian psychologist Farhang Holakouee says the world would not have so many problems if we had the ability of:

  1. Knowledge of how to behave child in first eight years of life
  2. Using our rational mind and wisdom.

In this world anything needs training or a period for learning. We learn how to drive and then we will take a driving license. We are not allowed to work in factory as worker unless we have the ability of and knowledge of doing that but unfortunately we become father or mother without knowing or reading even a single book about this important thing.

In Spain girls are taught how to take care of a baby in any high school. In some of them they give dolls to the girls which start crying at mid night to feel how they will feel while having a baby.

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Muhammad Arif
I am Muhammad Arif a student of BS psychology in university of management and technology Lahore.

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