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What differentiates an effective leader?

What differentiates an effective leader?

A great amount of resources have been devoted to study leadership. However; there is little agreement about what exactly is the definition of leadership.

Still, you tend to recognize the real effective leadership, when you see it. And while it is said that leaders are born not made, there are several characteristics that great leaders share that anyone can practice and adopt for becoming more effective.

So what are those qualities?

Inspires action:

A leader is the one who paints the vision of the future that helps inspire teams to do whatever it takes to reach there. The ideal leaders help in clearing the roadblocks that can constrain the creativity and initiative taking ability, unleashing great amount of energy during the process.

Possesses optimism:

We all have a desire to work with and for people who help us lift high instead of dragging us in the mud. A great leader seeks positives in people, assisting them in overcoming their own feelings of self-doubt and increases hopes for future.


A research reveals that the major thing employees require from their leader is integrity. Great leaders are fair, honest, candid and treat everyone in similar way.

Supports and facilitates team:

For people who want to do best work, they require an environment that helps in supporting them to take risk, tell truth and to talk loud without any fears of punishment. They support employees in creating this type of environment, and it helps in progressing towards company’s goals.


Knowledge is a great asset for any company and effective leaders make sure that each employee is having clear information on the goals, failures and performance of the company.

For achieving this level, the effective leaders indulge in two way communication, listen to their ideas and reward them for their creativity.

Holds decision making power:

One of the basic qualities of an effective leader is decision making power. These types of leaders are not afraid at decision making and making tougher calls rapidly when the circumstances require it. They don’t hesitate in making informed decisions and they stick to it in a rigid way.

It is possible to become a very effective leader and inspire people to give exceptional every day. Practice these wonderful leadership traits and become a highly effective leader.

Share what qualities inspires you in a leader?

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