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What is democracy, different aspects of democracy

What is democracy, different aspects of democracy

The term democracy is derived from the Greek DEMOKRATIA, which was coined from DEMOS (PEOPLE) and KRATOS (RULE). Thus democracy may be defined in the words of ABRAHAM LINCON: “Government of the people, for the people and by the people”. In the light of above mentioned definition, democracy is a public kind of government. All classes of people from a layman to a monarch take part in democracy

Many people like democracy as it exclusively possess numerous features that are effectively attractive. Following are the favorable features of democracy

Democracy impedes the rule by tyrants and vicious brutes. As people themselves elect their rulers, they do not vote for stern savages. They endeavor to elect those people who are courteous and cultured. These considerate representatives ever try to solve the problems of the people and work for the prosperity and welfare of the state

Democracy prevents wars. War is a necessary evil. But in this age of nuclear weapons, a war would mean a wholesale slaying of humans and complete destruction of infrastructure. Therefore, democracy rulers do not take the risks of war. Rather they try their best to solve their disputes by diplomatic dialogues. Thus democracy averts an appalling massacre of humanity

Democracy is also dangerous when the majority of corrupt and dishonest people come into power. They misuse their powers and authority. They have won the election by the dint of their social status and wealth. Thus their first preference is to earn money many times greater than the money they have spent during their election campaign

If we analyze democracy from the point of view of our country, we come to know that unfortunately, it has never been successful in Pakistan. The main reasons are lack of knowledge, education, lack of political sense, interruption from of non-democratic and nonpolitical elements. If they had kept in mind the golden rules of Islamic democracy, accountability and selflessness, they would have been successful rulers. We may pray that one day our country would be enjoying the fruits of democracy


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