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Who wants “enduring turmoil” in Pakistan?

Who wants “enduring turmoil” in Pakistan?

At a moment when these lines are being written, the peace talks between the government and the TTP have entered their most crucial phase. ”Crucial” because there are hawks among the ranks of either side who’s strings are in the hands of war mongers sitting behind the scene. Since the moment talks have been launched, the hard line “anti-Taliban” elements in the media have been caught by a fit of agony and a haunted distress since this situation does not fit in the foreign-instated chaos apparatus instituted by the masters of subversion sitting in the West along with some “friendly “ countries of Pakistan.

Interestingly, the same elements advocate for peace, harmony and friendship with India despite the fact that India has started a cold 5th generation warfare against Pakistan on many fronts. It has posed a potential aggression under the garb of ‘Cold Start” to wage a water war to make Pakistan barren and proxy wars to isolate Pakistan and through grabbing key positions into the American government using a phenomenon called NRI Americans. A potential ceasefire on either side is being considered at the moment through the talks coordinator Maulana Yousaf Shah.

The Pakistani media, especially electronic media, at this crucial juncture has a key role to play, and if they observe a responsible attitude at this point in time then there is no reason why the situation should not get better day by day in the country. One should keep in mind that such talks are not a sign of debility on the part of government because talks is always part of a war strategy down the annals of history of the nations. Peaceful engagement of the enemy rips apart the terms of unity among the enemy lines on one side and breaks the momentum of the conflict on the other.

The giant players of the globe understand this fact and their minds are clear unlike the Pakistani “Intellectuals “ sitting in the “popular” TV talk shows that instability can only be introduced in this country under the smoke and fog of ever increasing cascade of subversion. It is interesting to note that soon after the commencement of peace process, a growing series of subversive acts of terror have gripped the country. Now this is amazing, and I hope the hawks sitting in the TV Talk shows and hard line columnists must have noticed this thing. But the more interesting is the fact that talks process has already succeeded in achieving one of its major objectives i.e. unveiling the actual terrorists through the fog of confusion and perplexity created by the TTP-government conflict. Such confusion is badly needed to feed the blaze of war of attrition imposed by the CIA /RAW and dozens of other foreign agencies to topple the foundations of this country. It is also interesting that why certain political parties are using the lexicon of hawks sitting in Washington/ Delhi and the West. They include the PPP, ANP and MQM. This is also worth noting that the same parties want peace and tranquility with India and more than that the MQM chief has already declared creation of Pakistan “a blunder “ of the Muhajirs, while standing on the Indian soil. The MQM and ANP have unconstitutional existence since they claim they are secular and in this capacity practically deny the ideology of Pakistan.

The PPP undertook military operations in Baluchistan in 70’s and backed such operation in the former east Pakistan and the results were total chaos and deep seated conflict in Balochistan and fall of Dhaka in 1971. If still they are preaching military operation in the North West of Pakistan, they should tell the nation what is their actual agenda?

History tells us that all nations in the past were destabilized through introduction of “low intensity conflict” on their soil by the enemy strategists. Such low level conflict strategy is an essential component of the art of subversion used to break the backbone of defense capabilities of a state by sabotaging their economy, public and private infrastructure and above all plummeting the morale of its people and defense and security forces. Now if the TTP and government engage in peace talks and observe ceasefire the real enemy will be exposed being no more able to act under the clover of Taliban terrorist insurgency. There are a number of terrorist attacks before and after the induction of the peace talks for which the Taliban have denied responsibility. Who’s this fiend which has subjected the Pakistani nation to a blood bath?

The United States has extended its consulate in Islamabad over several hundred acres and its extension is still underway for mysterious but known reasons. According to some sources, they are building a huge air strip on the premises without prior approval of the Pakistani government in violation of all international norms, regulations and laws. They have built a number of underground, huge bomb-proof bunkers, sensitive installations and military hardware establishments. This is not the conduct of a normal “diplomatic” mission on the soil of a foreign country, especially when it is friendly too.

This is only part of the picture; they have several dozen diplomatic establishments and a number of consulates in major cities of Pakistan. This is military level preparedness of a war era and it seems as if they are getting ready for a major impending conflict in this country of which they have prior information. According to several media reports in Pakistani print/electronic media ( The news, DAWN , The Nation) piles of NGOs working inside Pakistan have links with CIA and they are working hand in hand with American military espionage agencies.

To quote only few examples, the CIA used Dr Shakil Afridi under the improvised polio campaign to hunt Osama apparently and second according to The News report another NGO ‘Save the Children” infiltrated Abbottabad Commission to transform the facts. The name of USAID needs no introduction and its malicious role is self-explanatory.

These NGOs are the “friendly “face of the most horrific organizations like the CIA and FBI through which these agencies have infiltrated the Pakistani civic system and their several thousand agents are involved in subversive activities in Pakistan. They have been supplied with money, arms, ammunition and necessary training and they are just waiting for a call from their masters sitting in Washington to start the ultimate bloody fiasco in Pakistan. In this war, the American consulate will spearhead them.

The Taliban are mostly the misguided Pakistanis and the state should handle them carefully by using the tactic of “peaceful aggression” called negotiations and such an effort will unmask the face of the real enemy behind which it is exploiting the misguided resolve of the TTP. On the hand, sincere elements inside the TTP ranks should know that they can enforce Shariah in a more effective way once they engage the government in peace talks. Shariah laws are already there in the Constitution, but such provisions have been set in abeyance through the irresponsible behavior of some elements in parliament. The Taliban should unite with the Pakistani people and government against the actual enemy. This will bring forth prosperity in Pakistan on the one side and Shariah on the other.

By Dr Haroon Iqbal, WEEKLY PULSE MAGAZINE, February 24, 2014


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