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Wife-Battering in our society

Wife-Battering in our society

It is the Pakistani drama on aired  on a private television channel that has made me write this blog. The drama revolves around a girl from a middle class family background  who took divorce from her wealthy husband on account of domestic violence and loss of self respect. Not only her family (in the drama ) condemns her for doing this but also majority of the viewers especially women (including highly educated and working)  are of the view that the girl should not have taken divorce from her wealthy husband and she should have compromised for men are always abusive and violent.

This is high time that we should educate ourselves that our religion does not allow wife-battering and that too over petty issues. Women of our society have been suffering this for years yet they  never teach their sons to be patient and kind towards their wives. It is always very degrading and dreadful for a wife when her husband abuses and beats her up but mothers, sisters and other elders  blame a  girl for being so impatient and unreasonable if she complains about it. The dilemma is that even  educated boys with educated family backgrounds show this behaviour towards their educated and even professional wives.

Abusive language and beating by husbands not only diminishes love and respect for the husband but also results in abnormal personality of kids. I admit divorce can be a solution in the drama as the writer wanted to convey the message symbolically  to all women to stand  for their dignity and self esteem but in reality divorce can not be the solution to eliminate this social evil.  To save our future generations from this, mothers should teach their sons to treat their wives with kindness and  respect. Likewise, fathers should guide their sons not to be harsh and abusive towards wives as they never want their daughters to be treated  this way in future.

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Alina Salman is a law graduate from University Law College, Punjab University. She is a content writer and writes about different topics related to society, education and others.

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