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Wrong decision in 2nd ODI

Wrong decision in 2nd ODI

Pathetic green caps were given a cricketing lesson by the West Indians, as complacency once again cost Pakistan dearly.
In fact, Pakistan has almost lost the match ever since cautious Misbah won the toss and decided to bowl first. It was quite strange that despite being fully aware of the fact Pakistan is bad for chasing even small targets and above all, every other player in the cricket world is fully aware of the fact that this wicket is known to get slower and slower in the second innings and ball tends to keep low. It is almost impossible for even top batting sides to chase down the targets but Misbah had other ideas. His poor judgment was the first reason behind defeat.It is hard to digest that why prime fast bowler Junaid Khan was rested and Asad Ali and Wahab Riaz were given chances. Junaid had developed a lethal combination with M Irfan, but coach and skipper had other ideas and instead of going with their best available option, Misbah and Whatmore opted to pick Asad ahead of Junaid. The move failed badly to pay off as Asad could not provide early break-through, nor he could bat well. Watching him playing against ordinary West Indian bowlers, it was hard to believe Asad is an international player as he looked so scared and was in a hurry to go back to the pavilion. It is a big shame inducting such players in the team who are scared of facing the bowlers.

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    Yes they does a mistake, most of the senior is also repeating this mistake

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