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Zill e Huma: The talent that never get Notarized

Zill e Huma: The talent that never get Notarized

Daughter of Music Queen Noor Jahan, Zill e Huma passed away, may Allah grant her peace and rest her soul in Jannah. Late Zill e Huma was the youngest child among all of Noor Jahan who got most of the resemblance of her mother. She also sings very well but her mother Malka e Tranum (Queen of Music) never allowed her to adopt music field as profession. She was really keen into music and those close to her said music was her passion.

She was the only child daughter of Noor Jahan who came upon TV. No other sister of her was ever seen on media. Zill e Huma is known as the most beloved daughter of Noor Jahan as she sacrificed her studio to own Zill e Huma custody from her ex-husband Shaokat Hussain Rizvi.

Zill e Huma got married in very early age with a jeweler named Aqeel Butt. She was mother of four sons; Ahmed Butt who is second son of her, is a very famous artist who also lead rock band of Pakistan E.P with Fawad Khan. Zill e Huma although never introduced herself as singer but she had sung her mother’s songs many times at different occasions, showing her diversity and love for singing.

Unfortunately Zill e Huma’s married life was precarious and shaky; she left her home many times and recoiled to continue her marriage. Because of her Mom’s respect and order she never tried to enter in to music field but whenever she was asked about her major wish, her answer remain same, “I want to be a singer like my mother”. After her divorce and death of Noor Jahan she practically started learning music to become a professional singer.

She appointed her mother’s teacher Ghulam Mohammed to teach her music. After commencing music training she got attacked by diseases. She became patient of diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney malfunctioning. She said in an interview that learning music in this age with such weak health is not an easy task. I may not launch my voice as melodies but still I will learn music as learning never ends. She was suffering with bad health and after surgery of her leg she got very depressed, doctors cut her left left to secure her from severe infection. Beautiful Zill e huma died on 16th May, 2014 due to high blood pressure and failure of kidney.


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